Refinishing your cabinets

Refinishing your cabinets is often a long arduous and expensive task. My experience is that having it done professionally is usually more expensive than purchasing new cabinets. Recently I posted an article on our Facebook ( from Good Housekeeping) page that talked about repainting your cabinets for do-it-yourselfer's entitled "11 Big Mistakes You Make Painting Cabinets."

However, there are times where it makes sense. For instance: If you recently put a new granite top on your cabinets and now you want /need to change the cabinets. I found a way to replace not just the doors but the entire front, attaching it to the body of the old cabinet, replacing and upgrading the drawers as well. This requires good planning with exact measurements to pull off.

It is probably easier to replace the top cabinets but my method can work on the wall cabinets as well.

Contact me, if you would like more info. Pictures are a must!


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