Under Counter Lighting

One great way to spruce up a kitchen is with under counter lighting.

In the past that meant hiring an electrician to wire lights under each cabinet. Moreover, you needed to hide the bulky and hot lights with additional light rail molding. Today with high output LED lights that operate on 12V DC all you need to do is have a switched electrical outlet.

These new LED 's come in 10"-18" light strips about 1/2" wide and the thickness of a nickel. They easily hide in the recess bottom of your cabinet without additional molding and can be strung from strip to strip like a chain. They produce very negligible heat, abundant task lighting and come in a choice of cool white & warm white.

Another form of LED's that has been around is the Rope Light. Rope LED's are strung in a plastic encased rope you cut to length with a single transformer & plug. These rope lights do not provide the same light intensity as the strips but can add mood lighting, especially if you pick some of the colored light choices. LED pods are also available to create light beams of many shapes, for dramatic effect.

Other places to install these LED's are above the cabinets, behind crown molding and upper edge of the toe kick or over a desk. Finally if you have glass door(s) in your cabinets use these lights to illuminate the interior of the cabinets and show off your finest! It is suggested you exchange your wood shelves for tempered glass shelves for best results.

These new low cost LED's have hit the market strongly this year with manufactures coming out with many new models. The cost is low and most DIY's can easily complete the project in a few hours.


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