Wine Lovers

There are 2 ways to store and prominently display wine in your kitchen. The traditional way is to install a wine rack as part of your cabinetry. This allows for a fashionable, convenient and proper placing of your wine rack. It can be further enhanced by creating a wine area in a defined space. It can be offset by girding it with glass or wire mesh doors to differentiate it from the more traditional areas of the kitchen. Incorporating a wine glass hanging rack completes the motif.

Another popular way to install a wine rack, is to make it the end cap of your cabinetry or island. This requires care to insure that the bottle necks not stick out, nor impede traffic.

Traditional wine cellars aged wine at temperatures around 55 degrees most wines were red wines, which can also be served directly from the cellar temperature. That also accounted for home storage as red wines are fine below 70 degrees.

The popularity of White & light wines has engendered an age of refrigerators, as white wines ideally should be served at 45-50 degrees and light reds at 50-55 degrees. Ideal temperature in your home refrigerator to store milk & vegetables is approx 37 degrees. Hence the need to increase availability and choices of size & capacity of wine coolers. Moreover, increased demand of designer beers require various temperatures from 38 to 45. ” Drinking beer at the proper temperature allows you to really taste the beer."

Wine coolers can be incorporated under the counter with other base cabinets or as standalone units to define a space.


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