Plate Envy

Have dishes you collect & wish to show off or heirloom dishes to display. Perhaps you're just practical and want dishes easily stored and accessible, then a plate rack is for you.

A plate rack holds the plate in a vertical position. This allows the plates to be shown off and also easily accessible. "You could leave your dishes tucked away behind closed doors. Or, if they're interesting and vibrant, you could create a place to display them, freeing up precious storage space and adding a splash of color to your kitchen." Plate racks hearken back to simple country style living but can be incorporated in even modern styling. Traditionally placed over the sink they provided a more open feel, a utility to place clean dishes in a smart and interesting way.

Today with so much emphasis on coffee and tea creating a niche with cups and saucers together with a plate rack and perhaps a coffee brewer by the pot or the cup is trendy.


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