NOT Made in America; Shall we bring the jobs back home?

I just returned from the annual KBIS Kitchen & Bath Show in Las Vegas.

Perhaps the largest impression I came home with is; that virtually nothing is make here in the USA. One wood working company gave out US flag pins, to highlight that their products are made here.

The show was a virtual UN, with products from far flung parts of Asia, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Central and South America. You would expect a deluge from China, and Japan but many products from other Asian Rim countries were displayed. Mexico sourced many finished goods especially for the bathroom. Fine workmanship products from France, Italy & Spain and kitchen cabinets from Germany & the Czech Republic, all had active booths.

The truth is we don't make most of the manufactured goods we purchase anymore. Like Apple we design and innovate at home but manufacture overseas. Now many of those same manufactures have their own local design teams and export finished goods, at even lower prices, into our market.

Perhaps it's time to reverse the trend and bring manufacturing back home!

What do you think?



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