Kitchen Clean Up

May 21, 2015


In most cases cabinets are finished with a clear coat that provides sheen, locks in the color and protects them from the elements.

To clean cabinets use a mild dishwasher liquid  dissolved in warm water. This will dissolve mild grease, finger prints, dust and dirt that can build up. Note: The top and bottom of wall cabinets usually are not coated; so dust them or use a damp rag to clean.

Using strong soaps, scrub pads,  bleaches and degreasers may damage your cabinets or remove the clear coating applied. Oils, polish and waxes may also have a detrimental effect as well. Finally beware of Murphy's oil soap, while it is a fine product, it appears to have a lasting chemical effect on some urethane finishes.

Stainless Steel:

  you will need a clean rag or towel and a mild detergent or white vinegar. I personally prefer to use a damp microfiber towel and a little dish soap. The dish soap will dissolve any grease and grimy fingerprints from the appliances. Many commercial products are available to clean as well.



Dampen the surface, sprinkle baking soda  on, wait 5 minutes, scrub with a (tooth) brush, rinse and dry with a towel. The bubble scrub products also do a good job on light dirt and grime. For heavy stains sometimes strong bleach will help.


Granite Wine Stains:

A friend suggested to put wet sheet rock "mud" over the stained area and let it dry overnight.

In  the morning just slide or scrape it off, the mud should have absorbed the stain pulling it  out of the granite.



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