Your dream kitchen.

You can see it clearly in your mind, but when you describe it, details get lost in translation. That doesn’t happen at Kitchen Designs by Denbrook.

At Denbrook we plug into your imagination so you can flesh out the details with one of our highly qualified design consultants. Imagine, transforming your ideas into a working design that you can view in 3D/ VR  from every angle!

Your dreams are a process!

Features,  color, style, counter top, backsplash, flooring and all the trimmings. Appliances, lighting, plumbing and installation must all come together. Embrace the fact that through the process many things can & will change.

Finally, don't ignore the budget, for it always plays its hand, before your design can be finalized.


    Unique Virtual Reality Design

It's your dream kitchen.

Perhaps you can't see it clearly in your mind, when you describe it, do details get lost in translation?

Our unique VR design approach takes the guessing out of the process. You no longer have to imagine how it will look, you see it before your eyes in full color. Our Professional designers will you help flesh out your dream, then maximize counter space, storage, drawers and much more. They will make suggestions to improve the beauty and functionality of your kitchen.


Examine the VR design from all angles.  Email our design to your mother, sister and best friend(s) to get their input.  We will accommodate. then you'll review it again.


Everyone has a budget and sometimes that too dictates changes. Have no fear there are many alternatives, we have saved our customers Thousands of Dollars with our innovative solutions.


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"The Perfect Kitchen"

Perhaps you’ve spent the last few weeks studying design magazines and dreaming about your ideal kitchen. You might have spent time on the internet, moving from site to site, gathering information until you feel overwhelmed.

At Denbrook we can help you turn those images into reality. We realize that space and budget limitations are unfortunate realities, but our expert kitchen designers - coupled with your flair - can turn your ideas into reality.

At Denbrook Kitchens we pride ourselves in providing realistic designs to meet your desires for that perfect kitchen, while staying within your budget. So turn your's into a WOW Kitchen,

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How to Measure my kitchen?
Cabinets come in 3” increments!
Construction ?
Ask yourself these questions;
  • Measure the interior wall dimensions with a tape measure from approximately at the floor to waist height.

  • Measure the width of each door, including the molding.

  • Measure the width of each window interior opening and with molding.

  • Note and measure any obstacles that protrude into the space, including: placement and dimensions of items such as chimney, closet, stairs, doorway, etc.

  • Measure the ceiling height in at least 2 places.

  • In the area of the wall cabinets, do you have a soffit/bulkhead? If yes;

    Measure the height of the soffit and measure the depth to the wall.

    Measure the wall height to the soffit.

  • Do you plan to add a new layer of flooring?

  • Note the distance from the center of the sink to the sidewall and do the same if you have a protruding gas pipe.

  • Will I make physical changes such as moving doors, windows or walls?

  • Do I have a soffit/bulkhead; can / should I remove it?

  • Will I be replacing the flooring: ceramic tile, hard wood, linoleum, laminate, vinyl tile, etc.?

  • Will I be upgrading my electric service?

  • What about lighting; fixtures, pendants or recessed ?

  • Will I be moving / adding  any plumbing fixtures?

  • Am I adding or removing ventilation, heat, and air conditioning?

  • Will I add window treatments?

  • How will walls and ceiling be finished?

  • Do I need a desk in the kitchen?

  • How much storage do I need?

  • How about the inevitable junk drawer?

  • Who will do the work?

Plan your own
Perfect Kitchen

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